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Want to Make Those Blackheads (& Whiteheads) Vanish? Without chemicals or surgical tools? Without Scarring your skin? Vi-Tae 'More Than Clean!' is packed with Sea Kelp extract & Red Algae extract which are vitamin-rich, nutrient dense marine plants that provide intense conditioning and anti-aging benefits to your skin.

Combined with the toxin-eliminating, gunk absorbing and extraction powers of Bentonite, and your skin will be clean, clear, and blackhead (& whitehead) free!
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Plain and Simple, if you want to get rid of your blackheads - get this
“I'm 25 and I have great skin other than my problem blackheads that I've never been able to get rid of. I've tried the strips, I've tried the Aztec Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar, multiple brands of facewash, mud masks- all to no avail.
I'd pretty much given up hope and although this product is slightly on the pricier side, I'm glad I found it. I've been using it daily for two weeks and I've had amazing results. My entire face is much cleaner and my blackheads are as good as gone. I've gotten multiple compliments on how great my skin looks.
I'm almost out but I'll definitely be purchasing this product again, I highly recommend it. I've never written a product review but this was worth it.”

Ben Dean, August 3, 2015 on Amazon
Plain and Simple, if you want to get rid of your blackheads - get this
"This product is amazing. I am almost 65 and have had trouble with blackheads on my nose. That's the only place I get them. They were impossible to remove until I tried this product. I have only been using it for 5 days and my problem has been solved. No More Blackheads. My pores are noticeably smaller and the ugly blackheads are completely gone. The skin become soft after use so you don't have to put moisturizer on after just getting everything off. Might not be the same for everyone - I have normal skin and only ever had a problem with my nose. I did notice a slight burning in the area it was applied to but HECK the results were way worth it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for a fantastic product. I will purchase again and rave about it to all my friends“
Kathy M, April 20 2014 on Amazon
Finally A Real Solution
“This stuff works, plain and simple. After only several uses, my nose blackheads have disappeared. I have struggled with them, and finding a solution, for years. Don't scrub too harshly. Go gently in a circular motion. If, after several uses, there are still blackheads remaining, press out gently. The cleanser will have loosened them significantly."
Apple Annie, May 6, 2014 on Amazon
Want to Minimize Your Pores? Large pores are often the result of oily skin or the natural loss of elasticity. To counterbalance this, 'More Than Clean!' contains a special blend of pure botanicals to regulate the skin's oil production, and marine plant Extract, which improves skin's longevity.

Your pores will shrink as your skin becomes healthier, more vibrant and younger looking.

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