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All You Need To Know About Using An Organic Deodorant - Deodorant FAQ

Our organic deodorant is made from all-natural ingredients and this includes the sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) that you see listed on the pack of our sticks. We only use natural bicarbonate (nahcolite from Colorado) not synthetic bicarbonate (Solvay processed).  

Q: How much deodorant do I need?

Everyone's body is different, because of this it's hard to say exactly how much deodorant every individual needs. If this is your first time using all natural deodorant If you apply too much, you run the risk of staining you clothes - so a little goes a long way.

Start off by using 1-2 swipes under each arm - adjust to more as needed.

 Q: My deodorant is hard to apply.

A: Our organic deodorant is made from 100% natural, edible ingredients with no filler ingredients making it susceptible to variations in temperature. This means that in the winter it may be harder than usual due to the cold weather. If you’re experiencing deodorant that is too solid for application, please rub your fingers over the top of the stick a few times. This issue should not last past the first couple of applications.

 Q: My deodorant irritated my skin.

We have found that irritation to underarms can occur after use of our organic deodorant which is caused by a pH imbalance. All-natural baking-soda-based deodorant can affect the pH balance as you are applying an alkaline substance to your skin, and as a result you may end up with irritated skin. The good news is that there is an all natural and simple solution to correct this imbalance.

Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup distilled (or well filtered) water. Before you apply our all-natural deodorant rub a small amount of this mixture all over your armpit area. Then, once your underarms are completely dry, apply our deodorant.

 Q: I've never used a natural deodorant before. What can I expect?

You may notice that you sweat on the first few days or so. This is due to your pores unclogging. An antiperspirant uses aluminum (a heavy metal) to clog your pores so that your body cannot naturally sweat. Once your pores are unclogged you will notice that our deodorant keeps you dry and smelling fresh all day long.

Consistent use of deodorant, particularly antiperspirant, can actually make your sweat smellier (due to overproduction of a bad bacteria) so it could be helpful to detox your armpits before switching to our all-natural deodorant. This will help it be more effective.

Some ways to detox your armpits include wearing natural fiber shirts, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet full of leafy greens and minimal amounts of fried foods, and making sure you dry off completely after showering.

You could also try taking chlorophyll and/ or probiotic supplements and applying diluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to your underarm area with a cotton ball after bathing.