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Features of a good oil free eye makeup remover

Do you remove your make up every time before you go bed? Even after falling asleep on the sofa after a long day at work? Or after having too many a glass of wine? Don’t worry; you are not alone. A recent study shows that more than one third of women sleep with their makeup on at least twice a week.

It’s not that they don’t know that leaving their makeup on overnight can be detrimental to their skin. They know this habit will cause wrinkles, make their eyelashes brittle, cause spots and dry their skin. But somehow they could not master the energy to remove their makeup.

Taking off your eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara can be literally painful. The Scrubbing will not only irritate the sensitive skin round your eyelids, but can lead to youreyelashes falling out, eye infection, and the not so harmful but still irritating morning-after red eyes.

To avoid all this pain, you need to know how to remove your eye makeup like a professional and use only the best oil free eye makeup remover.

Here are some of the tips that you should look out for when buying an eye makeup remover:

  • Ease in removing eye makeup: a good oil-free remover should be able to remove eye makeup with ease; no need for scrubbing. Leave No Trace by Vi-tae is one of the best makeup removers. It is an oil-free water-based cleanser that easily melts away eye makeup and helps make the eyes look fresh and young.

Most cleansers use oils and synthetics to breakdown and wash off makeup, giving the eyes a tired and aged look.

  • Hydrates and improve skin elasticity:leaving makeup on the skin, either overnight or not cleaning properly, can lead to formation of wrinkles.A good oil free remover should clean the skin completely, removing every trace of eye makeup. Oil free remover should contain ingredients that improve elasticity and hydrate skin and fight wrinkles,giving you a young, glowing skin.
  • Should not cause Eye Irritation:most eye makeup removers are very strong and cause skin irritation. A good oil free eye makeup removershould be gentle on all skin types and should contain anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Natural Ingredients: When you are buying an eye makeup remover, always choose one that is made of natural ingredients. Leave No Trace contains natural ingredients such as orange peel extract, aloe vera, chamomile flower powder, cucumber extracts and green tea. All these ingredients are very beneficial to the skin.

The aloe vera and orange peel are responsible for hydrating and improving elasticity, hence the anti-aging effect. The cucumber extract helps reduce puffiness around the eyes. The tea tree performs the anti-inflammatory function, to prevent redness of the eyes.

Go only for trusted brands: when you are buying eye makeup, go only for the trusted brands. The eyes are a “window to the soul”, so you need to be sure of what you apply on them. The brand should have a proven track record and should be able to offer guaranteed results to its customers.