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Don’t leave your eye makeup on overnight; use oil free eye makeup remover

No shame at all; we are all guilty of sleeping in our makeup once in a while. You have a long day at work, or a few more cocktails from a crazy night out with the girls; the last thing you want to do is remove your makeup. Just one night is harmless…you think? You are so wrong; it’s bad, really bad.

How bad, you might be asking.

According to many dermatologists, sleeping in your makeup can expose the face to the free radicals gathered all day. These free radicals can lead to breaking down of collagen and in turn cause the formation of fine lines. As a result, this will cause skin clogging, leading to formation of acne.

Am I at risk of getting wrinkles?

Like any part of the body, the skin functions in a biological rhythm. The major function of the skin at night is to regenerate new cells. By leaving your makeup on, you inhibit this biological renewal of the skin, causing more damage to the skin. Leaving your makeup on overnight often will cause a lot of damage to your skin overtime, but even leaving it on on rare occasions can have a huge effect on your complexion.     

So the answer is yes.The process of free radicals breaking down collagen causes premature aging and formation of fine lines.

So what about eye makeup (eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner)? You may ask.

Like the rest of the skin on the body, the eyes too have pores that also need to breathe freely. When you leave your make up overnight, you subject yourself to possible allergic reactions and redness of the eyes.

If you are that kind of girl that likes to leave their eye makeup on to achieve a sleep-in look, you better think twice. When an eyeliner or mascara particle clogs the eye area follicles and irritates them, a swelling can be formed. This swelling will eventually cause blepharitis and these bacteria can cause the pinkeye the longer it stays.

Sleeping with eye makeup on can be damaging to your eyelashes; lashes become brittle and break easily. Sleeping with your mascara on will make your eyelashes stick together when you wake up in the morning.

Use an oilfree eye makeup remover

Oil free eye makeup remover is the best to use for your eye makeup. This eye makeup remover does not use oils and synthetics to breakdown and wash away make up. Leave No Trace  by Vi-Tae is the best. It is oil-free and water-based; it works by dissolving away eye makeup and leaves your eyes looking fresher and younger.

Leave No Trace contains natural ingredients such as orange peel extract, aloe vera, chamomile flower powder, cucumber extracts and green tea. All these ingredients are very beneficial to the skin.

The orange peel extract and aloe vera plays a key role in hydrating and moisturizing the skin in the eye area, improving the skin elasticity. This in turn helps in fighting formation of wrinkles.