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Essential Items For your Natural First Aid Kit

Essential Items For your Natural First Aid KitOne unavoidable fact of life is that accidents must happen in the various places that we spend our time and the home is no exception. If you have children, these facts become an even bigger reality that you face every day. You will always need a first aid kit with one option being a kit stocked with naturally acquired products.

It is possible to always be ready for some of these emergencies when they happen though at times you can’t prevent them from happening. Vi-Tae brings you proven all-natural remedies made of essential oils and herbs to include in your natural first aid arsenal. These products come in different forms.

With “Make It Better”, you get a powerful spray meant to relieve pain and heal wounds. With ingredients such as Cajeput oil, cypress and chamomile, it is also fantastic in helping prevent infections. It is an incredible spray that helps you feel good fast.

If you experience burns, sunburn or otherwise, you get assistance from a product made from ingredients like Jojoba and green tea leaf powder that contain anti-inflammatory properties. If you don’t want your skin to be dry and scaly, you can get comfort from knowing that this natural remedy is made of formulas that are meant for that job.

There is also the all-natural blackhead remover, an amazing product that will help you if you have had trouble with blackheads. You might have blackheads that simply won’t be removed, until you get this Vi-tae product. It also leaves your skin soft enough meaning you don’t have to apply moisturizer after using the blackhead remover.

You also benefit from a 100% organic deodorant. It is all natural and has a great non-artificial smell. Using it once a day after taking a shower is enough to give you the desired body odor. Provided you apply it on clean and non-smelly skin, there will be no need for reapplication.

Elm powder is a great healer in a variety of cases. Whether it is a case of constipation, food poisoning, or diarrhea and vomiting- classic children complications- this powder can come in handy. It has a taste that children will adore especially if mixed with drinks such as yoghurt and porridge. This powder is highly nutritious, provides you with healthy bacteria in the stomach and is a brilliant addition to your natural first aid kit.

Manuka honey is an amazing microbial. In addition to being delicious, it is an excellent remedy for respiratory infections, coughs and sore throats. The honey’s sweet taste becomes even more pronounced when prepared with root ginger and lemon juice as a hot drink. With this information, you now know how to make your natural first aid remedies work for you.

Reasons for choosing Vi-Tae products:

  • Convenient, easy to carry containers.
  • All-natural mixtures to prevent the skin from becoming more aggravated.
  • Moistens and nourishes the skin.
  • Guaranteed soothing for burnt skin, skin rashes and other skin infections.
  • Pain relief, wound healing and prevention of infection.
  • Vi-Tae is a trusted brand name with plenty of positive customer reviews.