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Tips for Reducing Your Cellulite the Natural Way

Cellulite natural way

Psst! Want to know a secret?

The cellulite you begrudge on your abdomen, thighs, and tush may be a sign that your body is toxic.

That’s right – our bodies often store toxins in fat as a way to eliminate them from the core system while keeping them away from your vital organs. The more processed foods you eat, chemicals you ingest, and chemicals you are exposed to from the environment, the more likely it is that some of those dimples and divots are there to protect you.

Detoxing Your Body and Your Life is a Natural Method for Reducing Cellulite

So, in this weird twist of fate, that cellulite you hate so much could be saving your life. In the meantime, we recommend making a few lifestyle changes and adding a few of these tips to your daily routine in an effort to rid your body of unhealthy toxins while reducing cellulite in one fell swoop. Sound like a plan?

Dump the processed foods. Fat 101: your body already has a finite number of fat cells. You can’t get rid of them, you can only shrink them. So, the more processed foods, refined sugars, and unhealthy fats you consume, the more those existing fat pockets are going to fill up.

Throw in all the chemical toxins included in those foods and you have a cellulite calamity on your hands. It’s time to make the official switch to fresh, minimally-processed, and pesticide-free foods.

Take care of your skin. Thin, unhealthy skin allows those cellulite dimples to really shine through. Who wants that? Instead, make skincare a whole-body focus. Use natural skincare products that boost your skin’s vitality.

Start with a bath using salts and essential oils designed to detox your body. Then, apply Skinny Body cream, which will strengthen skin tone and reduce the visibility of cellulite.

Healthy hydration. Yes, your favorite diet soda has water in it, but it’s also loaded with a bunch of chemicals your body isn’t fond of. The best and healthiest form of hydration comes from water – plain and simple.

Drink filtered water and flavor it with lemon, slices of cucumber, or fresh fruit to add a little glamour if you must. Then eat those fruit slices and benefit from extra toxin-flushing fiber.

Ready to bust your body into cellulite-free health? Keep in touch with Vi-Tae and we’ll lead you on a path to holistic health and beauty.