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Tips for Preventing and Getting Rid of Blackheads


Walk into any drug store and you’ll see rows of acne remedies all containing harsh and, in some cases, even dangerous chemicals.

But that last “miracle cure” you paid a pretty penny for didn’t work, so you start reading all the claims and comparing prices.

You finally select the newest acne remedies and it works…well, it did for the first couple of days but now your skin looks worse than before.

Maybe it’s time to finally jump on the all-natural bandwagon.

Here at Vi-Tae we only offer products containing 100% natural ingredients. In fact, not only are our products all-natural, but they also contain more active natural ingredients than many of the same products being offered on the market today.

So the next time you have an acne flare-up, why not pick up a bar of our luxurious Goat Milk Soap? Prevent those outbreaks from even occurring by making our 100% pure Goat Milk Soap part of your daily beauty regimen.

Recent studies have determined goat milk is one of the most effective ways of preventing acne. Goat milk is loaded with naturally produced alpha-hydroxy acids which work as a calming facial peel, removing those deep layers of built-up dirt, makeup, and oils that can become inflamed, causing unsightly pimples.

The PH factor in goat milk is almost identical to that of a human’s skin surface. This protects against harmful bacteria, chemical pollutants, and the effects from harsh ingredients found in products offered by many of today’s leading cosmetic manufacturers.

Often when you’re experiencing an acne outbreak, your skin becomes red, tight, and inflamed. Goat milk is very soothing and can quickly calm the irritation. Plus, goat milk is full of rich healing vitamins including C, E, and a wide range of important B vitamins such as B1, B6, and B12.

Vi-Tae is proud to offer our Goat Milk Soap made from a complex formula of all-natural goat milk combined with four different organic oils for extra moisturizing as well as luscious lavender essential oil, rosemary extract, and pure, natural honey. This tantalizing bar of soap smells heavenly and is gentle enough for all members of your family, including children.

Stop wasting your time reading labels and let Vi-Tae provide the artillery in your war against acne with a bar of our 100 percent all natural Goat Milk Soap.