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The Hidden Dangers of Exfoliation: What to Watch For In Facial Scrubs


When it comes to taking care of your skin, exfoliation is often mentioned as a feature of facial scrubs.

Many individuals think the best thing for your skin you can do is purchase facial scrubs with an exfoliant, because it renews your complexion and can even prevent acne.

However, did you know these exfoliating facial scrubs may pose a danger to your complexion if you’re not careful?

Exfoliation involves removing dead skin cells from your face, and is a crucial part of a complex skincare regimen, but it’s important to be wary of buying random cleansers or scrubs without examining the products thoroughly. Many facial scrubs available online and in drugstores rely on endless chemicals to get their results, which can irritate and redden the skin. The goal of exfoliation is to have beautiful healthy skin that glows, therefore you should choose exfoliants that are gentle on the delicate areas of your face.

“Get Refreshed” – Gentle, All Natural Jojoba Facial Scrub For Exfoliating & Smoothing features ingredients from nature, such as lemon peel oil, to help you get the best face. Too much exfoliation with high chemical-concentrate facial cleansers or facial scrubs can actually worsen your skin.

Your skin may show signs of premature aging and display areas of dryness, itching, flaking, be more sun-sensitive and feel less firm. Done properly, exfoliation can help you stimulate collagen production by removing dead cells. You want to be sure when you reach for your facial exfoliant that you’re using a product that won’t be harsh to your skin.

Here are a few tips to ensure your skin will be at its best after exfoliation.

• Know your skin type. Brands such as Vi-Tae offer facial scrubs suitable for all skin types. If you’re oily, dry, or complex, etc, you need a scrub that works with your face.

• Read all of the ingredients for products carefully; the more natural, the better!

• Find a gentle exfoliant that can be used daily without irritation

• Exfoliate in the morning after cleansing your face.

What happens when some women first try exfoliation is they love the soft touch and glow their skin receives. They then might lapse into a habit of exfoliating with harsh chemicals daily, and therefore, their routine is actually damaging their skin.

When you want to exfoliate daily, buy a product that relies on natural elements to clean your skin, and avoid drying or flaking skin thanks to chemicals.

Vi-Tae formulated “Get Refreshed” – Gentle, All Natural Jojoba Facial Scrub with the power of jojoba seed oil and freshwater colloidal silt to help you get delicately-scrubbed skin without irritation. Choosing an exfoliant is a careful process, but you will help ensure years of dewy skin that looks radiant by avoiding these dangerous chemicals.