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The Benefits of using African Black Soap


After a trip to the grocery store you unpack your organic all natural hormone and antibiotic-free groceries and then prepare your family a wonderfully, healthy dinner free of pesticides and chemicals.

But then before bed you head upstairs and wash your face with a product that contains a dozen or more ingredients you can’t even pronounce You make the extra effort to keep all toxins out of the inside of your body but did you ever stop to think about what you are using on the outside?

Instead of cleaning your skin with harsh chemicals, why not consider the healthy healing benefits of using African Black Soap? This all-natural plant based soap can be used in place of your daily facial cleanser, as a bi-weekly exfoliant, and because it has plantain extract which contains a natural antibacterial property, it can even lessen the severity of an acne breakout.

Most African Black Soap is made by harvesting palm leaves, cocoa pods, and both shea and plantain tree bark. All these natural materials are then sun-dried to remove excess moisture, simmered along with virgin coconut oil and tropical honey and cured for two weeks before being used. The combination of shea bark and oil also gives African Black Soap fabulous moisturizing properties and even a little UV protection.

The benefits of using African Black Soap come from both its ingredients and its consistency. African Black Soap looks and feels different from a traditional bar of soap. It is firm but has a fragile quality that will cause it to break into pieces if dropped. This allows it to actually penetrate the skin. The deep cleansing properties help to control oil production, which in turn lessens bacterial growth, resulting in a clearer more vibrant complexion. Because Vitamin A and E along with iron are present in African Black Soap, it can also be used to help fade dark spots. Because this soap has a lower PH level than most daily facial cleansers, you’ll find you won’t need to exfoliate as frequently. In fact, some folks say they feel as if they are getting a mini peel every time they use it!

Vi-Tae is proud to offer our own African Black Soap formula using all natural organic ingredients. Full of deep cleansing, age-reducing properties, this fantastic soap will make you a believer after just one week.