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Pack the Essentials for Summer: What to Expect In a First Aid Spray

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As spring and summer arrive, we tend to spend more times outdoors. A day spent camping or at hiking can lead to scrapes, bites, and more. A first aid spray is an essential item for your summer, whether you’re spending your time by the pool or camping in the woods. First aid spray not only should soothe your skin, but treat and disinfect it as well. Poorly treated bites and cuts can get infected, so choose your first aid spray carefully with these factors in mind:

Remember the best elements of a first aid spray:

  • Ingredients that won’t cause irritation
  • Fast and effective relief
  • Protect your skin from infection due to an open wound
  • Gentle for kids and adults
  • Non-toxic
  • No additives or artificial ingredients

However, by far the most important elements in first aid spray are its ingredients. Artificial ingredients can cause irritation. Try to look for labels with contents you can actually recognize! Vi-Tae tries to use only the best ingredients for their All Natural “Make it Better” First Aid Spray For Healing & Relief. Always avoid parabens, petroleum and petroleum byproducts, sodium lauryl sulfates, and other additives that aren’t straight from nature.

Aloe vera powder is one of the first ingredients you should look for in a first aid spray. Aloe is widely known for its healing and treating abilities. Its gentle when sprayed on, which is why you want it in a first aid spray. Sunflower oil is an ingredient you may not realize you should look for, however, it helps with the immune system and keeping the skin healthy. These two elements are crucial in healing bruises, burns, stings and more.

Other options to look for in your labels include lavender oil and patchouli oil. These oils may have a pleasant smell, but they also help to soothe the sting of an injury, cleanse cuts, and reduce swelling. Lavender oil also helps kill bacteria, so you don’t get an infection.

Once you have your ingredients identified, you want to pick a spray that doesn’t leave an oily residue and feels cool on your skin. Spraying a chemical-laden option may dry out or irritate your skin, which is why beauty companies such as Vi-Tae take care to choose ingredients that nourish your skin while treating it. As you head to the beach or forest to enjoy all summer offers, be sure you have a reliable first aid spray that meets all of your needs in your bag. Why put something foreign and chemical in your skin? When in doubt, remember that 100% natural is the best way to go.