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Kick Stress to the Curb- Proven Ways to Relax and Get Some Peace


Stress can grip you to the core and is exhibited in the human body in a variety of ways. In the midst of stress and anxiety, you can feel nauseous or dizzy.

Your heart may feel like it’s about to pop out of your chest, and you may get a painful headache.

When you feel stress in the body, it makes its presence known. You know if you’re stressed because you can feel it. When you have a panic attack or otherwise reaction to stress, your body is kicking into a survival mode.

The race of endorphins in your body, the tensing of your muscles you feel, this is your body reacting to what it perceives as a danger. For some, this danger is stress. You may not feel in danger when you’re facing stress, in situations like your boss jumping on you for a late project, or if you’re preparing to move. These aren’t dangers, but your body treats them as such. It doesn’t matter if these aren’t physical dangers, such as you being attacked by a predator animal or pursued by a assailant. Your body can’t differentiate between situations of authentic danger, so it reacts as if you’re under attack. There are hundreds of reactions your body can have to stress, luckily, there are proven techniques to help you reduce stress.

Use Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is a gentle and natural way to reduce stress in the body. Smelling calming scents and inhaling their healing powers lets you focus on your breathing and stress relief. You can try essential oils or enjoy soaking in an aromatherapy bath, such as bath salts like “Take It Easy”. The scents of peppermint oil and thyme leaf oil are excellent stress reducers, and are perfect in an aromatherapy bath.

Deep Breathing
Deep breathing is a technique favored by yogi fans. The sensation of feeling a deep breath come from deep within your abdomen up through your mouth calms your muscles down and gets your heart rate back to normal. Taking a deep nourishing breath can do wonders for your stress. It lets you reset your body to a calm state. Guided meditation programs like those at can help you focus on something distracting and get back to a calm state.

Take a Break
Step back from your screen, take a walk outside, and remove yourself from your environment. You’ll get time to get a clear head, and let yourself relax for a moment. You can look at calming images and practice positive visualization. Letting yourself take a relaxing bath for 20 minutes also calms your mind and body.

Try using “Take It Easy” bath salts, and let the aromatherapy help you unwind. Adding a bit of classical music or playing any favorite music CD will increase dopamine in the brain, making you happy instead of stressed.

Try A Snack
It’s not wise to get in the habit of snacking when you’re stressed, but a small snack like a banana will help with high blood pressure and give your body serotonin. If you want something a bit sweeter, try a piece of dark chocolate. The chocolate is proven to help reduce stress hormones, meaning you “mellow” out a bit easier. Other great snacks during stress are almonds and even a small salad.

Do Something You Enjoy
In times of stress, you can try doing something you enjoy. This might include reading a favorite book, or drawing. You might try playing with your pet, or taking a relaxing bath.

“Take It Easy” – Stress Reduction, Relaxation & Soothing Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts from Vi-Tae have been formulated with Dead Sea salts that scrub your skin clean and also wash away stress.

It’s important to focus your mind on something else, so you can get back to feeling calm and relaxed. Next time you’re feeling stress or undergoing a panic attack, take a moment to assess why you’re stressed and look at your options for combating the feelings. Stress is our body and mind’s reaction to a perceived danger, so focusing on calming the two will help you get your heart rate and breathing back to normal.

Whether it’s using aromatherapy or just taking a walk, focus on you and you’ll find a way to de-stress.