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Best Organic Hand Soap

Hand soap is something everyone needs to have in their home. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity. Many store bought soaps marketed as anti-bacterial have harmful chemicals such as triclosan or antibiotics used to wash away germs. These antibiotic ingredients contribute to a big problem - antibiotic resistance. When an antimicrobial and antiseptic ingredients are produced in a lab and cause antibiotic resistance, it renders them of their benefits. Instead of using these chemicals, use the best organic hand soap available.

Our organic hand soap is crammed full of the highest quality all natural moisturizers, exfoliants, and cleansers that nature has to offer. Certified organic ground coffee gently and efficiently exfoliates dead skin cells so they can easily be washed away. Lavender oil not only moisturizes and sanitizes, but also heals skin and helps with burns. Patchouli oil is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, adding even more germ-fighting ingredients to the best organic hand soap you will ever use.

With organic hand soap from Vi-Tae, you will have thoroughly cleansed hands without stripping your skin of its natural and protective oils. Normal hand soap does not help with common hand issues which include drying, chaffing, and even cracking. This best organic hand soap is perfect for hands belonging to gardeners, nurses, machinists, and everything in between.

Vi-Tae uses the highest quality, spa-grade ingredients available. Our products are all natural and never contain parabens, petroleum byproducts, or other unnatural ingredients that can harm and prematurely age skin. We have many quality certified organic hand soaps to choose from. We know you will love the best organic hand soap we have to offer, along with our . Your skin is your largest organ, and everything you place on your skin may be absorbed. Make sure what you put on it is just as high quality as the foods you put inside your body. Treat your skin with the importance it deserves!