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Some useful tips on how to use eye make-up

Natural eye make-up removerYour eyes are the part of your face that are most noticed, so the more beautiful they are, the more amazing you look. Putting on eye make-up is exciting but needs to be done carefully. There are several tips that will help you avoid creating eye problems if you decide to use eye make-up. Some of these tips are given here:

1) Never share your eye make-up

Avoid sharing and borrowing eye make-up. This is because bacteria is transferred easily through eye make-up from one person to the other, so you can easily end up getting infections and various eye diseases such as pink eye if you share your make-up. Therefore with eye make-up, you are allowed to be a little selfish because it’s in your best interest that you don’t allow others to use it.

2) Replace your eye make-up regularly.

Make sure you replace your eye make-up every few months because they also have an expiry date and you need to be careful to replace them as soon as needed. Using expired eye make-up is dangerous as it can cause various eye problems.

3) Make sure you use make-up remover.

Never sleep with eye make-up on. You can use a natural eye make-up remover to remove the eye make-up smoothly without leaving a greasy layer. This will prevent the make-up from seeping into your eyes at night and resulting in infections. It will also help you to put on your make-up the next day more easily because the skin around your eyes will be properly cleansed.

4) Be careful when using mascara.

Make sure you don’t continue using your mascara when it gets dry and lumpy. It’s safer to discard it and get a new one. If you continue to use it when its dry cracking then some pieces may get into your eye and cause painful scratches, and even allergies, depending on what the mascara is made of.

5) Use clean hands.

Never apply eye make-up with dirty hands, because you will simply be transferring bacteria from your hands to your eyes, causing unwanted infections. Since you use your hands for everything, the chances of them having bacteria are high. So make sure you wash your hands thoroughly each time you want to put on your make-up.

6) Keep your eye brushes and applicators clean.

Eye brushes and applicators are known to harbor a lot of bacteria. This means that if you leave them dirty for long periods of time, these bacteria will be transferred to your eye area causing break outs. Make sure you wash the brushes very regularly, or alternatively you could choose to have disposable applicators which you could use and throw away immediately.

7) Find out what the ingredients are.

Always check the ingredients of your eye make-up. This is to guard against items that may cause allergic reactions or irritations. Some types of mascara are known to have these kinds of ingredients, so if you do react after applying mascara simply stop using that brand immediately and get another one with safer ingredients.

Enjoy wearing your eye make-up and bring out your best asset which is your eyes!