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Some important items that you should have in a natural first aid kit

Natural first aid kitYou can actually learn to make your own first aid kit, made up of safe natural ingredients suitable for killing pain, preventing infections, killing bacteria and other useful actions. Most of these ingredients are wonderful herbs that you already know, so it will be easy to get them together to make your own natural first aid kit.

Any of the following natural items can be put into your natural first aid kit:

1) Oregano Oil

This is known to be a great anti-fungal and anti-viral. It is known to heal fungal infections, and soothe different types of pain such as joint and muscle pain. This powerful oil also prevents cold and flu. Therefore this is an important item to have as part of your first aid kit because it will help you with pain and fungal infections.

2) Arnica

Arnica can be made into a cream and it has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you recover from muscles that have been bruised and are sore.  The arnica cream will help the sore muscles to recover faster.

3) Cayenne powder

If you need to stop bleeding from a wound, then you could put cayenne powder directly on the skin. It will be very painful, but it is very effective in stopping bleeding. It can also be used to warm up extremely cold temperatures in the body and can actually prevent hypothermia.

4) Eucalyptus

This oil is known to be excellent in opening up the airways and treating congestion from colds and flu. You can rub on your chest to make it more effective. It is also effective in warding off bugs. This is a great item to have in your first aid box, only a small amount is needed.

5) Turmeric

It’s known as a great spice but also has several other healing properties. It is effective in healing cuts, reducing the pain of toothaches, reducing flatulence and even preventing cancer in the long-run. Turmeric is great as an anti-inflammatory. It will therefore be useful in your first aid kit as a pain-killer and for soothing of inflammations.

6) Chamomile.

This is best taken as chamomile tea, and is known for its sedating effects. It is also an anti-bacterial and antispasmodic, therefore it soothes upset stomachs. It alsoprevents pinkeye when placed over the eyes.

7) Lavender

The oil from lavender will be another great asset for your kit, because it is known to treat slight burns effectively. So in case of a small accident where you end up getting burnt, simply get lavender oil from your first aid kit and apply it.

8) Tea Tree

The oil from tea tree is wonderful and has several properties, it’s an anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial as well as an can be used to keep infections away from cuts, and can also be used to treat asthma. You only need a small amount of tea tree oil; therefore this is a must for your first aid kit.

So you can confidently make up your own natural first aid kit without having to use the extra expense of buying an already packed kit with conventional medicines, you will enjoy having it.