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4 Reasons to Make the Switch to Natural Eye Makeup Remover

natural eye makeup removerNot removing your makeup in the evening after you have been out and about can be harmful to your skin.  If you do not remove your eye makeup it you can end up with dull looking aged eyes.  That can age your face much sooner than it should.  It is therefore very important to make sure that your eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow has been removed every evening before bed.  In doing so though, you must ensure that you use the right products.  Products made out of harsh chemicals can lead to irritation. You should consider using a natural product so as to enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits of using natural products

  1. A safe product

When you are taking care of how you look, you must consider how safe the product is since you will be using it on your skin.  You should consider using a water based product that does not contain phthalates, artificial fillers or parabens.  These particular products have been researched and found to contain chemicals responsible for cellular toxicity as well as cancerous tumors.  In addition, they cause issues with fertility because they affect your hormones.

  1. Eyes that are not irritated

If you have used eye makeup remover that has left your eyes itchy and swollen it’s time to make a change.  A natural eye makeup remover will be oil and chemical free.  Instead, the active ingredients include cucumber extracts and tea leaf powder which are great for reducing puffy eyes since they have a soothing effect.  This makes this product great for those times when you accidentally get eye makeup inside your eye.  This product is ideal for your eyes and the sensitive skin that surrounds them.

  1. Look Fresh Every Morning

Because this product uses water as a base, not only do you get to clean your eyes, you also hydrate and moisturize the skin around it every time you remove your makeup.  In addition, the pores of your skin will open and allow your skin to breathe freely.  When you use an oil based product you do not have the same effect.  You end up with eyes that look both dull and old. That can give the wrong perception of who you are, especially if you want to look young and vibrant.

  1. Age Well
Many times it is the crows feet around the eyes of a person that give us an idea of how old they may be.  When you add dull looking old eyes, you can look much older than you really are.  In order to age gracefully and camouflage the years, you need to take good care of your eyes and the skin around them.  By so doing you will end up looking a lot more youthful.  With natural products that have orange peel extracts and aloe, you can be sure that the youthful glow and elasticity of your skin will be maintained making you look younger.  Orange extracts reduce free radicals which will fight off wrinkles.  Vitamin C goes a long way into hydrating your skin as well.