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Facial Detox

If you are used to using store bought cleansers and makeup removers, it's time to give yourself a facial detox using our Vitamin C Detox & Cleanse Facial Scrub. Not only will this product gently remove dead skin cells, but it will give you a truly DEEP clean. It detoxes your skin by pulling out pollution, dirt, toxins, and impurities from your skin & deep into your pores. This product is also rich in Vitamin C, which fights free-radicals and wrinkles. Vitamin C also boosts collagen, and helps to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

There are many differences between our Facial Detox scrub and others available in spas and at the store:

  • This product is made in the USA, and only the highest quality ingredients are selected to make our products.
  • Most commercial scrubs are too abrasive. While they may remove dead skin cells, they also damage your skin and irritate it. This may cause dryness and redness.
  • Our product contains no sulfates, additives, or artificial scents. Leaving out these products reduces the chances of skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • All natural ingredients like Cedarwood oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Jojoba, and Sea salt.

Jojoba seed powder and sea salt exfoliate your skin, reducing inflammation and polishing away the dead skin cells that clog pores. This Facial Detox teams its ingredients up with Aloe and Geranium to flush out impurities and dirt, to fight acne and shrink pores. Our Get Refreshed! 100% Natural Vitamin C Detox & Cleanse Facial Scrub fights free radicals, wrinkles, and other signs of aging using all natural ingredients which keep skin hydrated and nourished.

Vi-Tae products are tough on toxins, while gentle and nourishing to skin. Our products are safe to use and are full of all-natural, spa quality ingredients. Treat yourself to a spa treatment at home, any time you want! Everyone wants that natural glow back. Take it for yourself and share that glow with the world! All you need is a fabulous facial detox and a smile on your face. Have you tried our products? We would love to hear about it. Let us know how our products are working out for you