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Natural Solution for Better Sleep

Natural Solution for Better SleepIf you're like millions of other Americans, you have trouble getting the sleep you need. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night to function properly the next day. In some cases, ten hours are needed. How many of us are getting the proper amount of sleep we need? With allergies, stressors and sore muscles, it can be difficult to fall asleep in the first place.

Sleep aids you can buy at the store are full of unnatural ingredients that may make sleep more difficult, or even make you more groggy when you wake up. Prescription and even over the counter sleep aids are normally meant for short term use, and can cause dependency or addiction issues. Our bath salts are a natural solution for better sleep that won't result in any of these negative effects.

Allergies and stuffy noses are two large sources of unnecessary sleep deprivation. In our Breathe Easy Sleep Tight bath salts, we have included ingredients to combat this issue as well as others. Elecampane, Eucalyptus, and Basil Oil naturally open the nasal passage, allowing you to breathe freely. If you have a cold, the Ginger, Myrrh, and Peppermint Oil are powerful ingredients to combat your symptoms.

Pure Dead Sea Salts are the main ingredient in our natural solution for better sleep. Dead sea salts contain minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc. These naturally occurring minerals help to soothe and cleanse your skin, as well as relaxing tense and sore muscles. Dead sea salts are even said to provide relief from Acne, Psoriasis, and Arthritis. Dead sea salts have been used for their therapeutic benefits since Ancient Egyptian times, by multiple cultures all over the world. Dead sea salts can even provide allergy relief because of its high concentration of bromide and magnesium.

When you are looking for a natural solution for better sleep, do not rely on prescription or over the counter medication. Try these bath salts, and you will not want to waste money on medications or sleep aids ever again. Have the best sleep of your life, and a therapeutic experience. If you have used our bath salts, we would love to hear what you have to say. Leave a review by clicking here.