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Your Complete Guide to Mastering the Double Eye-liner Makeup Trick

Natural eye makeup removerThere’s something alluring and charming about the cat-eye, but it’s always nice when you can find a way to shakeup the look and stand out from the crowd. That’s what the double eye-liner trick gives you, and it’s as simple as adding another wing to your standard cat-eye do. I won’t lie to you: getting the double-liner look can be intimidating at first, but with the simple hacks we’re going to share, you can do it for yourself or a friend just as easily as any other look. Read on to learn more.

  1. Start with perfect skin

The first rule of makeup is that you go with the lips or the eyes, never both. The double-winged cat-eye is supposed to stand out, and makes a great statement on your entire face. Therefore, the rest of your makeup should be subdued in order to create a focal point around your eyes. Begin by prepping your skin with tinted moisturizer and use cream-based concealer to hide any blemishes. Next, user powder to set the skin in matte; having perfect looking skin will ensure that your eyes get all the attention.

  1. Darker colors are better

Obviously, you’ll be using eyeliner to nail your double cat-eye, and the darker the shade the better. However, you don’t always have to use black, you can use dark shades of purple and navy to spice it up even further, and make it look more dramatic. Remember though: always use the same color to make both lines; you don’t want to be looking like a clown at the end of it!

  1. Choose felt tips formulas

Felt-tipped eyeliners are the best formula for DIY use; they are extremely user-friendly since you have more control and can create more precise lines. There are many felt-tipped eye markers, just ensure you choose one with natural products and fewer chemicals so that you don’t harm your skin. Ensure you get waterproof/long-wear liners, which are more striking and will not drip or smudge as the day goes along.

  1. Draw your regular cat-eye

Begin with your basic line, just like you would for the regular cat-eye, except create a more upward curve at the end. Depending on the shape of your eyes and how you drew your first line, you can decide whether to do the next line over it or under it.

  1. Make your lines thin

Now, because this look is already bold as is, do not draw thick lines, which will completely overpower the eyes and the rest of your up-do. Wherever you place them, draw thin lines – more so, if you’re donning the look during the day. You can go slightly thicker for evening parties and/or costume parties, but even then just a little.

Conclusion: remember to remove it!

Even if you went all out to paint the town red, don’t forget to remove all your makeup at night. Sleeping with any makeup on is unhealthy and can cause your skin to be infected and/or start ageing prematurely. Use a natural eye makeup remover such as’s Leave No Trace - 100% Natural, Vitamin C Eye Makeup Remover, Oil Free and gently wipe off all the makeup until your eyes are clean. Follow up with your regular cleanse-tone-moisturize routine before heading off to bed. Your skin will definitely thank you.