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Natural First Aid Spray: why it’s a must to have in every home

Natural First Aid KitMake It Better! - 100% Natural, First Aid Spray is an all-natural first aid spray that should be in every home’s first aid kit. Why? Unlike many of the first aid sprays filling up the market,’s product is different because it has no harmful synthetic chemical ingredients that could irritate your skin further when you have been hurt.

After injury of any kind, you skin is very sensitive and must be treated with a lot of tenderness and care. Our natural formulation contains natural bioactive ingredients like Jojoba oil, Patchouli oil, green tea and aloe vera, all of which have been shown to possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it contains a host of essential oils with known moisturizing, healing and pain-relieving properties as well as antimicrobial action against viruses and bacteria on an injury site.

Soothing irritated skin without aggravating it

Our Make It Better first aid spray has been shown to provide fast relief from pain after injuries of various kinds, from small cuts and scrapes to burns, rashes and other forms of irritated skin. The essential oils of lavender, chamomile and cajuput provide pain relief, help in faster healing and prevents infections by keeping the pathogens from penetrating the wound to get into the body. An all-natural formulation leaves the skin feeling nourished and soothed, unlike harsh synthetic chemicals thatsting the site of injury and leave you uncomfortable.

Suffering a sunburn after a fun day outdoors can be remedied by reaching into your natural firstaid kit for our all-natural spray, which can greatly reduce the irritation and discomfort, as well as moisturize the chapped skin so that it doesn’t look unsightly.

Many of the ingredients in synthetic formulations are harsh and leave your skin feeling dry. However, our natural formulation takes advantage of the nourishing benefits of aloe vera powder and sunflower oil, which protect and moisturize the skin around the site of injury while other ingredients are working.

It may look good, but is it as good?

You will see many flashy advertisements about different products, each claiming to have potent germ-exclusion and healing properties than the next. While these are often true, many of these products include stabilizing and carrying ingredients within the formulations that can harm skin especially scraped skin, which is already very sensitive. The result is a bigger wound that is even more painful and takes long to heal. Do not expose yourself to these products, instead, choose our all-natural alternative thattruly provides the care you need.

A home with children cannot afford not to have first aid sprays in the house. Growing children are usually every active, and commonly expose themselves to dangers during their playtime and movement inside and outside the house. You should have something dependable on hand to soothe the child after he/she gets hurt. Again, you can’t go for harsh products since children’s skin is delicate and needs nourishing care. Simply spray on after cleaning out the site with some warm water, and let it do all the work for you! It’s really that simple!