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Careful! You could be absorbing this harmful neurotoxin from your deodorant

Best deodorants for womenWhen your body temperature rises, the thousands of sweat glands in your body start to bead up to release perspiration and cool down your body. The average human being has about 2.6 million sweat glands, which work as an internal thermostat to maintain body temperature within acceptable levels.

How does your sweat system work?

Your sweat gland system consists of two categories: apocrine glands and eccrine glands. Eccrine glands are the most abundant, and are found in your hands, feet and forehead. They are activated from birth, and do not secrete any fatty acids or proteins. Conversely, the apocrine glands are involved in fatty acid and protein secretion, and are found in your armpits and genitalia. They are activated at puberty, and come to the skin as a hair follicle.

Neither glands produce odor with sweat; the odor results from the bacteria living on your skin around the glands. These bacteria metabolize secreted protein and fatty acids, resulting in the odor. The type and concentration of bacteria depends on your diet among other factors.

Deodorants versus antiperspirants

Deodorants and antiperspirants are created to neutralize these unpleasant odors, and most of us use them unaware of the potential harm we could be causing ourselves and our bodily functions. The active ingredient in many deodorants and perspirants poses a high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and brain aging. It is easily absorbed into the body through the sweat glands, and transported to the brain where it causes harm.

Deodorants’ mode of action is to kill bacteria on the skin. They have added fragrance compounds to give off a nice smell, but these deodorants may have hormone-disrupting chemicals thatcould affect the working of your endocrine system. The best deodorants for women and men are those which use plant-based essential oils rather than chemicals to fight body odor from sweating. The essential oils also have antibacterial properties and will do the same things as the chemicals without the dangers of chemical exposure.

Antiperspirants work slightly differently, by blocking the apocrine glands to prevent fatty acid and protein secretion. They are made of various aluminum salts, like chlorohydrate, zirconium and chloride salts of aluminum. Aluminum in skincare products has been recognized as a neurotoxin, and the FDA prescribes safe levels of the drug for human consumption.

Aluminum and neurotoxicity

Long-term use of aluminum-based products has been linked to neurotoxicity. It accelerates brain aging in animals, thought to be caused by increase in the levels of inflammatory cytokines, amyloid precursor proteins and glial activation – three things that come with brain aging. These are the same levels present among patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Most commercial antiperspirants use aluminum zirconium as the active ingredient – used for up to 15 percent of the products on the market. This particular salt has also been linked to kidney damage with long-term use, although extensive research has not yet been done on the product.


As you can see, no good can come from these chemical-based products. Fortunately, specializes in making safe and organic body-care products from natural ingredients, providing you the same benefits without exposing you to potential harm. Use our all-natural products and you’ll see a marked improvement in you and your family’s health over time.