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5 Amazing natural ingredients you can use in place of your aluminum-based deodorant

best deodorant for womenWe all wish we didn’t have to wear deodorants, but the smell in our pits after a workout session tell us otherwise. The market teems with many options for deodorants and antiperspirants, but most of these products contain harmful chemicals with far-reaching toxic effects in the body.

Alum – the alternative to aluminum in safer deodorants, but not quite safe

Organic deodorants are the best alternative to these chemical-based products, and they work by neutralizing body odors without inhibiting the action of your sweat glands. They mainly use essential oils and other natural substances with skin-nourishing and antibacterial properties.

Be careful about buying ‘all-natural’ antiperspirants thatcontain alum – this is a crystalline alternative that is based on aluminum, even though it is less harmful because of a lower concentration of the metal. Alum is commonly used in eastern counties for water purification. On the skin, it mixes with sweat to form a thin film that prevents further sweating.

Manufacturers of alum tout its benefits by saying that its molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, restricting the action to the skin surface alone. There is insufficient research to dependably back theseclaims, so the best way to be safe is to choose the best deodorant for women or men: one that is completely free of aluminum or any of its derivatives.

Because they are not as potent as their chemical-based counterparts, you may have to reapply several times a day, but the results will definitely please you. Invest the time and energy in finding the best product for yourself – like any other skincare product, it will take some trial and error before you get one that’s just right for you.

Ingredients to look out for in natural deodorants

The following are some common ingredients that are used to make natural deodorant sprays. You can even use them to make your own deodorants for home use:

  • Baking soda – baking soda is cheap and easily available and has tons of uses in neutralizing odors – in the sink, the fridge and other places. It’s also very good for your skin. Be careful to distinguish between baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and baking powder; the latter has some aluminum and isn’t used to make natural deodorants.
  • Coconut oil – this is another relatively cheap and readily available natural ingredient, which has deodorant and antibacterial properties. Whether you’re eating it or putting it on your skin, ensure that you opt for the unhydrogenated, unprocessed, virgin and organic coconut oil, readily available in shops that sell organic products. It’s great for your skin and hair as well, not just your pits!
  • Shea butter – this also has tons of benefits for the skin and hair, and is a popular ingredient in natural deo formulations. If you’re using it at home, you should pick a good brand that provides the organic, unprocessed butter.
  • Arrowroot powder – this is used in place of cornstarch, since it’s almost impossible to find cornstarch from organic corn on the market.
Essential oils – these provide the fragrance base to give the deodorant a particular smell. You can choose any essential oil you like, as there’s dozens of them and most of them are safe to use on your skin.