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4 reasons you should never sleep with eye makeup on

natural eye makeup removerAfter you have mastered the art of putting on makeup, you have a lot of options at your disposal. You can rock new and different makeup styles, thanks to tutorials all over the Internet and find a look that suits your mood perfectly every single time. However, at the end of every day, removing makeup can be quite tasking, especially since you’re probably tired and want to collapse face-first into your pillow.

The first rule of makeup is to never sleep with it on, or you could wake up with itchy, bloodshot eyes, not to mention the hideous stains on your pillow. Eye makeup is particularly sensitive, and it can increase your chances of catching an infection in your eyes as you sleep. Mascara, especially waterproof mascara is difficult to remove, and the constant tugging at your lashes can cause more damage.

  1. You will catch infections easily

No matter how gorgeous you look, never forget that makeup is made up of many chemicals, and is only intended to be seated on your skin for a short while. This is why sleeping with it (since you’re not very conscious of your movement) can leave you with pain, sties or infections. Exposing your eye to chemicals for prolonged periods will decrease your body’s tolerance to the bacteria therein, and soon you’ll be fighting off one infection after the next.

  1. Your pores need to breathe

Just like all parts of your body, your eyes have pores thatneed to be cleaned and allowed to breathe as you sleep. Remember that the layer of makeup you have on clogs your pores, which prevents normal body functions like sebum release. In time, the clogged pores can get infected, forming unsightly pimples, blackheads and zits that could permanently scar your face.

There are also Meibomian glands whose job is to keep your tear film intact by secreting lipids. Your tear film is not simply water; it contains lipids, aqueous and mucin, which keep it stable on the eye surface. Without the lipids, the water could easily evaporate drying out your eyes and resulting in sties and infection.

  1. You could stain your eye permanently

It is especially important to clean out mascara as sleeping with mascara on can leave permanent stains in your inner eye. Carefully and gently clean out the eyelashes – avoid tugging because you might remove them and cause more damage. An a natural eye makeupremover should be applied to the eye to ease removal with a cotton ball, leaving your skin fresh and clog-free so that it can rejuvenate itself as you sleep.

  1. You could form concretions in your eyes

Finally, sleeping with makeup in your eyes could result in the formation of concretions in your conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a thin clear lining thatprotects the surface of your eyeball from impurities and also holds the tear film. Concretions are deposits of calcium, which will irritate your eyes just as though there was a dust particle in there. This can be very painful and uncomfortable for you, and may prevent you from going about your business normally.


No matter how safe your eye makeup is, get into the habit of removing it before bedtime. The key is to always be gentle; the skin in your eyes is more delicate since it has fewer layers compared with the rest of your face. Having a trusted natural product, such as our Leave No Trace - 100% Natural, Vitamin C Eye Makeup Remover, Oil Free is the best, as it doesn’t add any harmful chemicals onto your skin.