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Which Essential Oils & Fats are infused in Wet Your Whiskers Shaving Cream for Men?

Shaving Cream for MenYou’ve definitely heard or have been a part of the entire hullabaloo on essential oils and fats. You’ve advised or have been advised to eat this and not that, because it has more essential oils/fats. Heck, even children are being forced to ingest them. Well, where there is smoke there is fire and these lipids have actual benefits.

Your organs need them.Even though your skin is your biggest organ, you still ignore it and assume that all you eat is enough. However, a good shaving cream for men has to have the essential oils. Beneath your facial hair is skin that must be protected. Aromatherapies and spas use essential oils for massaging because of their importance. Your face and neck should not be ignored.

  • Palm Oil

If you care about your skin that much, then your shaving cream must have palm oil as an essential ingredient! For that close shave, the palm oil will soften your facial hair making the shaving easy. Otherwise, you may end up with an unkempt look and nicked skin.

Palm oil is a great moisturizer and since we know that you, just like many other men, lack time to purchase a great moisturizer, this will work perfectly for you. It also has high carotene levels offering protection against sun’s UV radiation.

  • Shea Butter

This is an important fat for your skin. It is comprised of oleic acid and stearic acids perfect for moisturizing your skin. Vi-Tae’s shaving cream for men has shear butter as one of the active ingredients for you to look good.

It stimulates collagen production reversing aging because your skin cells are activated and the skin’s elasticity restored. Your skin becomes supple and your boys will begin wondering about your never aging looks. Deep moisturizing and anti-inflammation protection are great for keeping you youthful. Wouldn’t you want this shaving cream that works for you in all levels of skin protection possible?

  • Bay Leaf Oils

Vi-Tae’s shaving cream for men is infused with bay leaf oils important for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Nicking yourself when shaving is expected every time and as a cautionary measure, a shaving cream with natural chemicals that facilitates wound healing is paramount. Wet Your whisker’s shaving cream for men has the bay leaf oils that will protect you from bacterial infections.

  • Geranium Flower oil

Men have thick and coarse body (facial) hair. When you need a fast and smooth shave, Vi-Tae’s shaving cream for men will give you just that. You ask how? Well, it has many essential oils to soften your hair and geranium flower oil is one of the important oils to soften hair.

It works with bay leaf oil by providing antiseptic and antibacterial protection to nicked skin.  Acne laden skin can also be treated in the process by using this shaving cream. Blood circulation is also improved by this oils resulting in fast cell regeneration and disappearance of scars and dark spots. The ultimate result is a fair complexion with equal melanin distribution.

In conclusion, you need a shaving cream that leaves your skin well moisturized and protected from external factors. There are thousands of shaving cream brands in the market but most of them leave your skin vulnerable and striped of essential oils and moisture. Therefore, you should make it a point of checking the oils present in the shaving cream for men you buy from the counter or the one you order online. Your barber’s shaving cream should also have these oils.