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Four Natural Ingredients for Homemade Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

Oil Free Eye Makeup RemoverThe type of makeup and lotion you use should have ingredients that benefit your skin. They are meant to make you look your best; therefore, they should not cause illnesses in future. Competition in the cosmetics market has made it hard for consumers because all the sellers and manufacturers want is to beat their competitors. They may include artificial ingredients that will make you look great at first but this may reverse later.

An oil free eye makeup remover should be all natural with products that will not accumulate to toxic levels causing acute or chronic illnesses. Many companies are trying to go all natural but they still use synthesized forms of the natural extracts. offer makeup removal products that leave no negative traces because they are all natural. The main ingredients in an oil free eye makeup remover include:

  1. Vitamin C

Yes, Vitamin C is a great ingredient to look out for in your makeup remover. The skin around your eyes needs natural protection and there is no better way to protect this sensitive organ than having some Vitamin C.  Vitae’s oil free eye makeup remover is made with natural orange peel extracts filled with this vitamin

Vitamins have anti-oxidant properties fighting off free radicals that attack collagen. Collagen is an important protein component of your skin that keeps the skin elastic. If this elasticity is lost through radical attack, you end up with radicals therefore looking aged and dull.

Collagen and the skin layers also need water for constant hydration. During the day, you will have a skin moisturizer and eye makeup that protects your skin. When you get back home, you’ll need to remove your day long makeup. An oil free eye makeup remover with vitamin C will hydrate the skin keeping it supple and optimally rehydrated for cell regeneration. This is why Vi-Tae’s eye makeup remover is water based and not oil based.

  1. Aloe Extracts

This is a wonder plant product! Your skin thanks you every time you get home and use V-Tae’s oil free eye makeup remover because of the aloe extracts in it.

Aloe extracts is filled with different amino acids, vitamins and enzymes responsible for beautiful skin. It can penetrate seven layers of skin and with the aid of proteolytic enzymes, fibroblast cells are stimulated leading to more collagen manufactured. This results in supple and elastic skin. Deep moisturizing and cleansing is attained by using a product with aloe extracts.

  1. Cucumber Extracts

Ever wonder why you see people putting cucumbers on their eyes when having home facial treatments? Well, this is because cucumber is laden with lots of water and being a natural product, the water is infused into the skin hydrating cells. It also has soothing effects and counteracts inflammation around the eyes. There will be no resultant puffiness when you get up.

  1. Tea Leaf Powder

Besides cucumber extracts, Tea Leaf powder is an essential component of a makeup remover. Removing makeup leaves the skin bare and prone to irritation, dryness and inflammation. This natural product from green tea and chamomile tea leaves flushes out toxins from the skin clearing out blemishes. This is because it possesses great anti-bacterial properties.

 It further prevents the skin from aging by reactivating skin cells. Active cells with more moisture stay supple. The result is firm, youthful eyes with no wrinkles.

Beauty is skin deep. Using the right makeup remover with natural deep cleansing and moisturizing properties is the only way to get that beautiful glow in the morning. Therefore, you should invest in an oil free eye makeup remover. Al these ingredients are available locally and you can make a paste when you forget to replace your Vi-Tae’s Makeup remover. Blend them together and you are good to go.