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Do You Have Dull Aged Eyes? No More! Get Vi-Tae’s Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Today

Oil Free Eye Makeup RemoverMakeup removal after a long day or night at work is crucial. Many people fail to include this simple step in their daily routine and others try but use the wrong products and eventually fail. Your eyes are very sensitive and if you don’t remove the mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow right, you’ll end up with irritated eyes. This is agonizing. Your eyes may even look tired and dull making you seem older than you are. Vi-Tae’s oil free eye makeup removeris here to your rescue. The benefits of using this natural product include:

  1. Fresh Looking Natural eyes

The eyes are the windows to your soul and if they look old and dull, someone may get a wrong perception of who you are. Unlike most makeup removal products, the natural oil free eye makeup remover is compatible with your natural skin’s state.

Water is good for your skin and eyes; keeping it moisturized and hydrated. The skin pores open up and breathe freely. Therefore, when you use an oil based makeup remover, the skin and eyes will not be able to relax. The water in the cleanser or remover clogs the pores resulting in bright youthful eyes. Basically, it leaves no trace.

  1. It’s Safe

When it gets down to taking care of your looks, the safety of the products you use on your skin is critical. Oil free eye makeup remover made by Vi-Tae is free of parabens, artificial fillers and phthalates. It has been proven that these chemicals cause cellular toxicity and responsible for cancerous tumors. This is because they target the endocrine system affecting the reproductive system. This toxicity and affected hormones cause fertility issues and cancers of the reproductive system or even the skin.

Most products sold today have parabens, fillers and phthalates on them and you will have to exercise extra caution to buy safe products.

  1. Aging Gracefully

As your eyes speak of your soul, they  let your colleagues, friends and families know your age. No one wants to be told how old they look and especially not ladies! Aging gracefully and beautifully is every lady’s dream. Therefore, anything that will make them look younger and youthful is embraced while that causing an aging look is shunned.

Vi-Tae’s makeup removal products have natural ingredients such as Aloe and orange peel extracts.  The former increases skin’s elasticity giving off a bright glow while the later has Vitamin C that hydrates the skin. The orange extracts also fights off wrinkles by reducing free radicals’ degradation of collagen.

  1. Non- inflamed Eyes

Waking up with swollen, itchy eyes is very unpleasant and very disappointing if caused by a beauty product. This is why you should visit for the best oil free makeup removal products. The use of Tea Leaf Powder and Cucumber extracts reduces puffiness because of their natural soothing effects on the eyes in case your mascara or eyeliner accidentally gets into your eyes. Their anti-inflammatory effects and the gentleness of the oil free eye makeup remover make it the best choice for your skin and eyes.

Looking bright and youthful every time you walk out of your home should be your number one objective when using makeup. This means using the right natural products that moisturize your skin when you leave and healthier options for makeup removal. You need your beauty sleep to rejuvenate your body the skin needs this too. Therefore, take off the makeup and let your skin feel light as it fights off aging with Vi-Tae’s oil free eye makeup remover and the 100% Natural Vitamin C Facewash& Makeup Remover.